So, you've probably visited a number of seminars, trainings and workshops that were good or even very good but somehow you missed the closure. To put it more simply: some days after the event you just could not remember clearly what you have learned. Some hours post event things seemed so logical and everything made sense. Later on, you still remembered some of the highlights but in the following days the curve of oblivion took its toll.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. Every day we are exposed to some 10,000 information that pose a challenge to our brain. The same thing happens in trainings and wherever we acquire new knowledge and skills necessary in our day-to-day work.

The solution is in connecting these two parts – the learning and the follow-up – in Sailinars’ seminars and sailing!

The new knowledge and skills you have learned from the Sailinars distinguished coaches on land you will immediately have a chance to apply on sea – in one of the most challenging locations for your team.


Why Sailinars Team Coaching?


  improved performance and better results

  things to happen faster

  processes to develop differently

  change of mindset of individuals and the team

There some advantages of team coaching in comparison with coaching an individual. Whereas one-on-one coaching allows faster results, team coaching strengthens the bonds within the team and facilitates experience sharing. In the business world it is commonly believed that face-to-face communication is vital in building trust, credibility and understanding. On the other hand, face-to-face communication does not ensure higher productivity or creativity of the team.

We firmly believe that each successful transfer of knowledge needs a combination of training and workshop, team coaching and practice. The time is also a relevant ingredient. Our work is done when you say it’s done!