Sailinars – we are the people who have experienced it all ourselves.




Our team consists of most professional trainers, team and individual coaches currently available. To become a member of our team it is not enough to be an expert in the area concerned. It is absolutely indispensable that you are prepared to share your knowledge selflessly.

The company itself specializes in the area of communication between the people in an organization. We believe that the better the communication the higher the leverage for your company. Let’s say, the sales is successful at the moment. Yet, it might be a one-off achievement. Sooner or later it may indicate a falling trend. On the other hand, enhanced communication is here to stay. It is the key ingredient of any work process. It includes all the resources and methods that can help you in the process of information exchange between the employees. However, the challenge is that we do not communicate only verbally. We must keep in mind that more than 90 % of our communication is non-verbal. Thus, it is essential for each participant in the communication chain not to agree or to assume, but to understand.

Even the longest journey starts with the first step.