Don’t worry – we won’t just throw you into the sea and let you swim. But we won’t pamper you either! In order to build a successful team, it is necessary to take this “extra mile”. We promise you will go not only this one extra mile but a dozen of miles we have skilfully prepared for you.

Educational programmes, trainings and workshops in all forms and shapes are going to take place on solid ground – either on your premises or in some nice locality onshore. The sea experience will be awaiting in carefully selected corners of the Adriatic Sea. Well thought-out-one-day programmes will be carried out on the Slovenian Adriatic coast, including the visits to the Italian or Croatian part of Istria Peninsula whereas longer sailing tours are starting in Central or South Dalmatia.

We believe that the Spartan interior and the exterior of the sailing boat are exactly what your team needs to take a deep, long breath. Perhaps it is better to say: to sail under every stich of canvas. After long-year experience at sea we have learned to know that a group of people sailing together creates such strong bonds that are comparable with the aspirations of the organisation to bring its teams together. The roles are clearly defined and even the smallest mistake can lead to great adversity. The team at sea realizes and uses all its potential. The powers that it had not been aware of before the start of the sailing trip.