The best time to go sailing along the Adriatic Coast is between Mach and November. However, a bunch of preparations can be made already in winter. So, don’t wait until May – sail today!

First of all, we will together evaluate the status quo in your team or company, detect your issues and needs and set the goal. Sailinars is a not an off-the-peg product. We are different because we offer tailor-made programmes worked out only for you. We are flexible, adaptable and dynamic.

Any previous experience is not needed. If you are a typical procrastinator – you have been putting off your decision to step onto a sailing boat until the very last moment – the time is now to contact us and briefly explain the issues within your team or in your organization. You won’t regret it!

Note that due to the constant and rather strong winds the best times to go on sailing along the Adriatic are in spring from the beginning of April to the end of June and in autumn from Mid-August to early December.