We can guarantee you that you as an individual, a team leader or a member of a team would enhance your personal growth and facilitate the development of your co-workers.

Very often we here leaders ask the following question: “What if we train our people and then they leave?”. Instead, the proper question to ask would be: “And what if we don’t train them and they stay?”

We firmly believe that our experience can guarantee your success but we cannot achieve the results without you. The first and foremost important prerequisite for success is that you are ready for the change. History and stats teach us that our limiting believes flourish every time we fear the change. We assure you that the only fear with respect to change is the fear that we will never change at all.


What are the key tasks of the Sailinars Team Coach?

It’s not rare that an organization has to deal with difficulties within the team, high level of stress at work and lack of understanding between the team members. The task of our coaches is to detect and define the traits and strengths of each individual and transpose them into the team of champions. We do not exclusively work with dysfunctional teams, on the contrary, very often our arrangements involve successful teams that want us to support them in improving their performance. Climbing to a higher level.

And coaching is here to stay!


  Define the goal and the purpose of the team.

  Understand the environment in which the team operates.

  Detect and address the barriers for efficient performance.

  Develop and carry out the learning plan.

  Build trust between the members of the team and the team leader.

  Design the coaching implementation skills.

In the language of sports, the coach is here to find the right moment to cool down the game.

And coaching is here to stay!