Do you agree that in order to achieve the results you want for your company it is crucial to constantly invest in development, education and training of your employees? Your employees are your most valuable asset. Today they are mobile and they seek jobs in which they feel good, where they come to work with a smile and, finally, get adequately paid for their accomplishments.

Personal development is not a one-shot operation. It is a journey that has to be walked…. ups, sorry, sailed!

All the aspects are always connected and inter-dependent. They inspired us to create the Sailinars method including the key experts in each field, top-ranked and competent.


These experts enable us to create courses in the areas of:

  Team Communication

  Team Dynamics

  Conflict Solving

  Dealing with Difficult Clients

  Giving Feedback

  Coaching Skills

  Applying Coaching for Team Effectiveness

  SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory)

  B2B Sales Model

  Increasing Productivity

  DISC Assessment

  Design Thinking

  Positive Psychology

  Power Point Presentation Skills

  Work/Life Balance

Should you have any specific interests or topics you wish to deal with, we can find the most appropriate expert and vouch for his/her credibility.